Now get Tasha’s Love Treats in Bulk!

Now you can purchase Tasha’s Love Treats in larger quantities!

2 1/2 lbs PB Treats $20.00 and a 5oz bag $3.00
2 lbs Horse Treats
10 oz. bag of Doggy Trail Mix

You can also purchase by the pound on all the pet treats and the new one too!
Doggy Ice Cream is sold only at consignment locations (Sold by one 4 oz cup)


Tasha’s Love Treats are handmade pet snacks made in small batches in the rural town of Stoughton Wisconsin. Tasha the Cat oversees all of the hard work to her person. Our treats are available at several local retailers as well as at regional community events and outdoor markets. If you can’t to us, give us a call or email and we can get them to you!

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Tasha's visitiors in 2012